Mr. Bhuwan Chandra Kandpal


Philosophy of Education at Gyandeep Global School is a firm belief that every child is potentially the light of world. Every child possesses instinctive divinity which only needs to be explored, identified, unfolded and projected. We at GDGS strive to bring out this divinity and innocence in pupils by preaching, promoting and patronizing the purity of character and right code of conduct. The main objective is to instill values of humanity, nationalism and selfless service.

The mandate of education at GDGS is a buoyant and dynamic system of imparting instruction to imbibe in-depth knowledge in a systematic progressive manner without losing sight of rich cultural heritage and spiritual values for which India has always been an epitome. Our ideology is to explore and enhance the inherent talent of the pupils, energize their faculties into proactive mode and equip them with resilience of character to respond to future challenges. We strive earnestly to motivate the pupils to grow up with positive attitudes, adjustable and adaptable nature more in tune with futuristic orientation. 

Gyandeep Global School shapes up the pupils to be good at heart, rich in moral values, meticulous in thought, systematic in planning and smart in action. We firmly believe that education does not mean merely acquiring knowledge, amassing and correlating facts and figures or specializing in some field. Education, as we perceive, means value based quality education which develops the overall personality of the pupils strengthening them scholastically as well as co-scholastically simultaneously and thereby transmitting the vitality and civilization of human heart. 

To ensure that our pupils tread the path of righteousness, we at Gyandeep Global School inculcate and internalize humanistic, moral and ethical values by acting as role models. What we emphasize in this fast moving world is foresight, motivation, dedication and sense of commitment so that the children move out of the obsession with ‘self’, think in the wider perspective for the greater cause of mankind. 

Our objective is to impart education that broadens pupil’s visionary, perspective and their world view and give them the outlook to visualize the whole humanity as one great family. We immunize pupils against the forces of disintegration by strengthening the values of universal brotherhood, tolerance and non-violence with an ultimate aim of maintaining secular fiber of the society. Gyandeep undertakes the challenging task of molding the young impressionable minds into valuable assets of the society, precious gift of mankind and pride of human race. 

Last but not least - The Difference Between Extraordinary is that Little Extra.