Gandeep Global School Chairman

Mr. Surinder Singh Kahlon

 Panoramic development of each and every student is what we yen for and it is not only the core desire of my team but we have covered a substantial distance in the direction and this incredible journey is ongoing. Attaining Senior Secondary affiliation from Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) are some of the milestones we have achieved in a short duration but I am elated about this thing we have truly achieved in due course. The milestones we have attained till now have never ever made me and my team confident beyond limits and secondly we have never turned careless or complacent but bringing and adding new aspects in anything and everything we do is what we are ever-engaged in. 

When I state holistic development, sports and other co-scholastic activities cover a major portion of it. Playing games, both indoor and outdoor necessarily, enhances one’s efficiency beyond imagination and we duly emphasize on it. Further, we as a team firmly believe that involvement and participation of students in co-scholastic initiatives, sports with a special place certainly inculcate values, quintessential to become a true, sensible and sensitive human being. In addition to this, one truly learns sportsman spirit; never die attitude and significance of team work through sports. I personally and strongly feel that a bright and stable career can be built in the field of sports and in order to provide professional guidance to our budding players, we have formed myriad collaborations with professionally managed sports organizations whose expertise lie in enhancing the level of fitness and honing the skills through their well-trained and highly experienced professional coaches and long tested and proven scientific methods. 

Besides, we always attempt to bring newness in our ways of imparting knowledge in different spheres and I feel better than delighted to admit that we are moving in the right direction; however, the destination is still far away. 

In the end, I would seek to state that Push Yourself Because, No One Else Is Going To Do It For You.